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Laurus Productions Inc. is a boutique film and television company based in Montreal, producing premium factual and comedy content. 

Lori Braun, owner of Laurus Productions, is a producer and writer with over 100 + hours of television under her belt  - in genres ranging from sketch comedy, science to crime. She has written and directed top rated Discovery series including, A Stranger In My Home, Imposters, Fatal Vows and The Will. 

She has also worked as a project manager on major science productions such as Gemini-nominated series Mars Rising with Discovery US and Canada, and Naica : Secrets of the Crystal Cave for National Geographic US and Canada.   She has developed major factual reality series with Galafilm Inc. in Montreal for major networks both in Canada and the US. 

Laurus launched in January 2014, with the production of the documentary Maple Syrup Mayhem, about the maple syrup heist in Canada. The documentary aired in 2015 and rated highly on both CBC and Canal D networks. They also produced the cutting-edge science documentary, In Vitro, Our New Fertility Frontier for CBC in 2016, about controversial new fertility treatments. 

The hit web series, The Mile Enders, created by Laurus in 2016, is an experimental documentary comedy, which was launched on the CBC comedy portal in January 2017. In 2018 The Mile Enders was renewed as a scripted comedy series, and featured on CBC Gem where it was one of the highest rated shows. Their new sketch comedy Absofreakinglutely aired on CBC in October 2020 and February 2021. 

Laurus is an innovative media company bringing together a seasoned team of creative talent for truly original, cutting-edge programming.  

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