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New CBC sketch comedy premiering October 2020 

Bagel cults. Aging hipsters in DIY maker spaces. Marriage during COVID-19. CBC's Absolutely Canadian series presents Absofreakinglutely: Sketch comedy about the absurdity of Montreal living in 2020.

Stream now on CBC Gem:


The Mile Enders is back for season 2 on CBC comedy!


With the feeling that they have nothing left to lose, Lori and Adam are ready to live life to the fullest, getting into all kinds of trouble with their hair brained schemes, often inspired by current events; like launching a Russian themed line of KGB inspired “Kompromat” lingerie or double dating with a Tinder Uberer.

The Making of Adam

Digital Media Series for Unity 3D & Oats Studios

2017 - 2018

Digital Media Series

The Making of Adam: a digital media series about the behind the scenes of Adam, a science fiction short made by Neill Blomkamp's Oats Studios in Realtime using Unity's revolutionary game engine. 


CBC Comedy  2017-2018

45 min broadcast & Digital Series

The Mile-Enders is a coming of “middle” age docu-comedy about two friends questioning the current state of their lives. With a cinéma-vérité style the two take on both the yin and the yang of experiences Montreal has to offer and attempt to decipher the lifestyle formula that will transform their lives


CBC / Doc Channel / CANAL D

 2014 - 2015

Maple Mayhem crisscross the heartland of Quebec maple syrup production during the height of maple season, interviewing producers, journalists, scientists and historians, as we attempt not only to uncover what happened to the missing syrup in the 18 million dollar maple heist, but also to get to the bottom of our age-old obsession with the liquid gold.



Broadcast 2016

45 min

In Vitro follows, journalist and lawyer Erin Ashley Singer as she explores the hard hitting impact of new IVF legislation in Quebec while in the process of freezing her own eggs. She examines the challenges people face in the midst of shifting views on financing IVF treatments.


Along the way, we meet a 42 year-old woman navigating the changes while struggling to conceive; a gay couple worried the cost of IVF might now exclude them from motherhood; and a couple concerned with the fate of their frozen embryos.

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