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COMING TO CBC COMEDY IN JANUARY The Mile Enders deliver the minority report from Montreal

Local freelance television producers and best friends Lori Braun and Adam Wanderer are on the cusp of middle age , and to celebrate they've decided to turn their cameras on themselves in a new docu-comedy about their lives.

In producing the comedy series, the creator/protagonists found storylines by expanding on the basic facts of their lives– Braun, the neurotic 7th child of German immigrants lives alone in her luxury apartment in the city's Mile End neighbourhood, has exhausted her Tinder options and sees only 'measly prospects for a husband' on the horizon.

Wanderer, a Jewish ex-Maritimer, is also in a slump. Living in a basement apartment across the street from Braun, Wanderer is also looking for love, and facing less than optimistic career prospects as a creative freelancer in his late thirties.

A psycho-satirical expedition into the onset of middle-age

"Co-writing and directing a series about your increasingly evasive self-actualization within this so-called freelance lifestyle really puts you out on the line. But when you're doing it with your best friend, it's like wearing like an old pair of contact lenses– they burn, but you need them to see," says Braun, acknowledging the show is as much a showcase of Montreal culture as it is a comic catharsis for the schadenfreude she shares with Wanderer.

The Mile Enders airs Saturday, September 17th at 7 p.m. as part of the Absolutely Quebec series and is set to be launched on the CBC Comedy platform in January.

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