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The Mile-Enders is back, bigger and bolder than ever! The coming of “middle” age story about co-dependent frenemies and neighbours Lori and Adam continues as they navigate aging, gentrification, and the world of start-ups & dating in one of the world’s most lit neighbourhoods - The Mile End.

This season has the two of them spending their time trying to get projects off the ground at the local co-working space, filled with eccentric mile end characters, such as the neurotic manager David, as well as the enigmatic owner Walter.

With the feeling that they have nothing left to lose, Lori and Adam are ready to live life to the fullest, getting into all kinds of trouble with their hair brained schemes, often inspired by current events; like launching a Russian themed line of KGB inspired “Kompromat” lingerie or double dating with a Tinder Uberer. The season will follow them on an increasingly wild freelance ride that leads them straight off a cliff.

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